The Horror in the Museum

by H.P. Lovecraft and Hazel Heald.

Written October 1932. Published July 1933 in Weird Tales, 22, No. 1, 49-68.

Currently available in:

Lovecraft, H.P. & Joshi, S.T. (ed.) 1989. The Horror in the Museum and Other Revisions. Arkham House.

Take one part wax museum weirdness, one part mythos madness, one part soporiferous sleep psychology, and one part curious curation. Mix well. The result? An unforgettably disturbing delight for Lovecraftian literati. Imagine, if you will, a crumbling and dilapidated display house where the vaults contain nothing less than life-sized moulds of the diseased and demented denizens of darkest imagination. Here are the likenesses of the eldritch Elder Gods of Lovecraftian lore, and more… And lo! What lurks behind the veil in the ‘Adults Only’ alcove? And in the unbalanced proprietor’s Stygian studio? And, most of all, behind the sinisterly sigilled dungeon door? Surely that shambling susurrus is nothing more than unfounded fantasy – as are the unhinged assertions of the artist’s acquisitory adventures to the ends of the Earth! But you are here because you must know; your curiosity will not be quelled until you take your unceasing inquiry to the utmost limits in your search for nefarious knowledge… Read on, dear reader, read on at your peril…


4 skulls out of 5


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